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Blue “Bluebird” —-mogami xlr mic cable—->Focusrite ISA one—-effects send—->Mic input of my Mac Mini. Garageband compression and view pic above of eq. The specs are in the pic, and just let the sound quality do the talking. Has a really kicking proximity effect. Wooden case brings peace of mind and a feeling of quality.

WATCH OUT! the accessory pack is not the best. I don’t use the included windscreen because I fear I might break the diaphragm capsule off from handling it too much. Shock mount doesn’t adjust very easily or hold firm once adjusted. Easy solution would be to ebay one that would fit it. It’s just cylindrical, so it won’t be hard to fit it. The accessory pack works fine for what I do, but I have to really baby it (why wouldn’t you though with how much this stuff costs).

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